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Zip017 is from AU Australia • 17 y/o • Female

We create our own demons, some of us become their friends, while other try to drown them.

Reviews Given

What People Realize by why_now

This is amazing!! i still cant believe how strong you are. keep going and stay strong you amazing person!!

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Super Heroes by Ghost

love it.

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Perfection by Ghost

i totally agree. i loved the comparison to Frankenstein's monster, he was so misunderstood.

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I Just Don't Know by Aishlynn

yes finally someone who understands! i feel this way all the time and i can absolutely relate to all of this! i loved your writing you are amazing!

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Imagination Can Be Deadly by Cookies

I love this story. it had a sad ending but I loved how it added to the depth of it. I can totally agree with this sometimes.

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Age 20 by Aoife

I loved this series. It had really good character development and she had a really interesting story. Well done and keep writing!

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The Hill by Hendrix Cuevas

I really liked this, it was an interesting and moving. I've had a few re-occurring dreams myself.

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Expectations by Ghost

well done, I understand and I really felt the emotions and feeling you put into this.

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