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Finding Jason
Story by Dari Poulson (15)
Taylor is tied up to a tree and can't remember how she got there, and being tied up is kind of in the way of finding Jason. (This Happens before The Final Goodbye)
2 mins
Words: 555
Read Time: 2 mins
My Broken Heart
Poem by Dari Poulson (15)
A broken heart can't always heal...
<1 min
Words: 77
Read Time: <1 min
My Crush
Story by Voltron-lover26 (15)
Just trample me. This is Embarrassing.
<1 min
Words: 102
Read Time: <1 min
The Final Goodbye
Story by Dari Poulson (15)
Taylor's heart is broken and her only living friend is dying. She has to choose peace or revenge. She can't have both.
2 mins
Words: 473
Read Time: 2 mins
Who's Who - Part II
Story by Merlin Sheeba Mary R (27)
A human in a fairy realm; What danger it is supposed to bring? Is Marty a real human? Sink in the story of twists and surprises.
6 mins
Words: 1310
Read Time: 6 mins
Who's Who - Part I
Story by Merlin Sheeba Mary R (27)
She is a fairy; he is a human. Can her magic protect her from the swing of marvel? Experience the dazzling magic, family secrets, and swoon-worthy romance swept away into this enchanting world!
9 mins
Words: 1859
Read Time: 9 mins
Harry POtter Fan-Fiction
Story by XxX_Ramshee_XxX (18)
This story contains Hinny, or HarryxGinny ship. WARNING: KISSING INVOLVED.
7 mins
Words: 1485
Read Time: 7 mins
Story by Fantasy-sensei (20)
Its a story of a highschooler who went out at the wrong time at the wrong place and bumped into the wrong person. Its mostly a fantasy story where you wear the shoes of the can change the names
3 mins
Words: 706
Read Time: 3 mins
The Night Together
Story by Bleeding_pen_words (17)
A story about a handsome boy who fell in love with a beautiful girl. Everything was going good but a sudden incident changed everything. A sad story
4 mins
Words: 897
Read Time: 4 mins
Let You Go
Story by Masnibl (20)
if you really love him just let it go for the sake of your happiness
5 mins
Words: 1071
Read Time: 5 mins
When Frederick Meets Lilly
Story by Milind (46)
Frederick from London gets injured in a road accident in Downham village in Lancashire in England. He is nursed by Lilly, a villager. It is interesting to read what happens thereafter.
20 mins
Words: 4193
Read Time: 20 mins
A Letter to the Sweetheart
Story by Milind (46)
This is a letter written by a man to his separated lady love. Read on to know what happened exactly that led him to write the letter.
11 mins
Words: 2223
Read Time: 11 mins
The Cougar Painting
Story by jobella (49)
Troy and Wendy believed that they were coving the story of a life time boy were they ever wrong
9 mins
Words: 1945
Read Time: 9 mins
Of Dreams Bad and Sweet
If you haven't read "The Silmarillion", you ought to. Tolkien wrote a whole lot more than "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings".
37 mins
Words: 7582
Read Time: 37 mins
Stars and Glory
An Elf's rendering in song of Book IV, chapter 9, of Tolkien's "The Two Towers".
14 mins
Words: 2838
Read Time: 14 mins
Another Night at the Pony
If J.R.R. Tolkien had kept going...
29 mins
Words: 5971
Read Time: 29 mins
Story by sky_wolf19 (14)
"As society changes, as politics change, as people change, certain songs still seem to resonate." by Beck
1 min
Words: 226
Read Time: 1 min
True Love
Story by sky_wolf19 (14)
"True love cannot be found where it does not exist, nor can it be denied where it does." by Torquato Tasso
<1 min
Words: 154
Read Time: <1 min
Lams, Jeffmads, and Mullette: A Hamilton Fanfiction | Part III
Story by EverythingIsFine (14)
Same stuff as the last two parts. The 'Fluff Break' is in this part, so enjoy it! <3
7 mins
Words: 1578
Read Time: 7 mins
Lams, Jeffmads, and Mullette: A Hamilton Fanfiction | Part II
Story by EverythingIsFine (14)
Part two. Pretty much the same description as before. READ PART ONE FIRST!
9 mins
Words: 1956
Read Time: 9 mins
School Boy
Story by
About a girl who watches a boy who end up talking....
2 mins
Words: 572
Read Time: 2 mins