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15ACooper is from GB United Kingdom • 17 y/o • Female

Don't let anyone say you can't do something because they are just jealous that you can do it and they can't.

Reviews Given

Student Council by Tinymonster123

This is really great especially the fact that this reminds me of the amine 'Dance with Devils'. Great way of writing it.

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Ceaseless Grey by NobodyImportant

This is really heart felt and definitely pulls at your heart

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More Than That by VanDerKhan

This is really sad but shows that it could take the smallest amount of pressure to push someone over. It's so true about what some people have done and why they have do it. They way you wrote it as well was just amazing. It really makes you feel for your character.

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The First Attempt of My Last Breathe by lioness03

That was really good for your first story. The last paragraph is a bit confusing but other than that I think that was well written. 😜😜

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Just Speak by Skyler Kapuschinsky

That is so sad but still amazing. I love the storyline and how it all goes together and people do go through things like this so it's nice to see things like this to help others know what is happening. Amazing.

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Love Blinds You by Jailbreaker01

This is really good and I love the way it ends it just that little bit better. Amazing

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Never Wanted by smiles105

That is so sad and the way you were talking as if it was someone you know then say it was you made it more sad and upsetting. I thought that I was going to cry and I was about to. So the language you use is amazing.

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And then he was gone by Freemindedone

OH MY GOD. That is amazing. I love it.

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