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Lady Triskelion
Poem by AaronTheRocker (19)
She is nature, harmony, life and queen.
1 min
Words: 225
Read Time: 1 min
Story by hercules (34)
Looney Tunes story. Bugs and Daffy have become friends, but it isn't long before things go wrong, as usual. Things go extremely badly when Bugs and Lola Bunny decide to go out for dinner.
6 mins
Words: 1389
Read Time: 6 mins
The Day I Died and What Happened Next
Story by leethompson (49)
When you die, you're dead. Or are you? Is death just the beginning of something a little more interesting?
19 mins
Words: 3827
Read Time: 19 mins
Story by Marisa (63)
A love Halloween story
<1 min
Words: 104
Read Time: <1 min
That's How Lolly Captured the Butterfly of Life 18+
Story by The Story Cascade (15)
This story is inspired by fairytales.
1 min
Words: 304
Read Time: 1 min
Story by hercules (34)
A young woman called Dotty is visited one night by a Pleiadean being called Zogon. Zogon takes her for an astral visit to his home world Zolex.
3 mins
Words: 681
Read Time: 3 mins
Old Friends
The story of a journey to meet up with an old friend
3 mins
Words: 695
Read Time: 3 mins
Story by hercules (34)
A young man goes to Tregeseal stone circle and has a mysterious experience, based on a dream he had. While there, he is visited by an Atlantean being in a flying saucer.
4 mins
Words: 816
Read Time: 4 mins
Changed Royalty
Story by Marie Jay Rose (13)
Princess Becka and her younger brother Prince Adrian's father is killed and they end up with an assassin, what will they do?
2 mins
Words: 535
Read Time: 2 mins
Slow Burn
Story by Lindsay (13)
A short story about a girl in front of a fire.
<1 min
Words: 198
Read Time: <1 min
Defy Me
Musing by Lindsay (13)
I am all that I have ever dreamed of.
<1 min
Words: 86
Read Time: <1 min
Storm King
Poem by OwOqueen2009 (13)
it is just a song my little brother told me about
<1 min
Words: 46
Read Time: <1 min
The Devils Smile
Story by Alec (14)
Charlie finds out her ex came to her work, and her best friend was there.
2 mins
Words: 574
Read Time: 2 mins
Nature Court {Warning Violent Content}
Poem by The Story Cascade (15)
A brief condemnation of ...
11 mins
Words: 2359
Read Time: 11 mins
Poem by Rachel Elizabeth (15)
what's the worst that could happen if you dare to pretend?
<1 min
Words: 110
Read Time: <1 min
The Magically Mixed Up High School Mystery, Part 8
Story by Hermione Malfoy (15)
It's Briar's birthday...and she's missing!
6 mins
Words: 1290
Read Time: 6 mins
His Hands
Poem by BlitzΓΈ (1)
A blackout poem I made from a page from Harry Potter
<1 min
Words: 48
Read Time: <1 min
There Is a Hero Who Becomes a Villain Because of You
Story by AlbusVoltAvern (22)
Inspired by and to music. The prompt, and playlist on YouTube is the same as the title. The specific song is "As we Fall" by "Klergy & Katic Garfield".
1 min
Words: 353
Read Time: 1 min
Not So Holy
Poem by lavorish (21)
This poem is about how religion slowly corrupts over time
1 min
Words: 217
Read Time: 1 min
The Proposal
Story by Lindsay (13)
Ashleigh had everything that she ever wanted; A toy Maltipoo named Snicker, a house with her wonderful boyfriend, Parker and an amazing job as a fashion model.
5 mins
Words: 1045
Read Time: 5 mins
Nature's Contrast
Musing by Willie (14)
I was sitting on my porch and this came to mind
2 mins
Words: 464
Read Time: 2 mins