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Ghost is from US United States • 13 y/o • Female

A shattered mirror shows more than a collected one

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Zen by dreams™

This is surprisingly calming, comforting, and vivid. This is amazing. I can see and hear what you describe which is rare for me to do. You have made a story that is just amazingly descriptive.
Great job with this and I cant wait to see what you write next

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They Are Heroes, I’m a Zero  by dreams™

I found this funny because it's true. People find out you are autistic they automatically think you are different. Somehow you have to be treated slightly differently just because you have autism. It might be because of fear of what those with autism could do.

You did a great job and I hope you keep writing.

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VESSELS by Fantasy-sensei

I'm at a loss for words.
The way you phrased things makes it sound like English isn't your native language. It's kind of choppy, but if you can get over that, it actually makes it fun to read. This might just be me.
I enjoyed reading this. You could probably work on how you phrase things to make it sound more natural, but I kind of enjoy it as is.
I look forward to seeing the next part of this story.

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The Girl With Depression by why_now

It was written well, there were things I'd change but they aren't major.
Seriously though, you really nailed it in the author notes. People don't think you would hide something from them, let alone hide something like depression, suicidal thoughts and actions, etc. We ignore people's problems unless it benefits us to know about them or its perceived you are on the fine line of committing suicide or not. Unless you're dying nobody cares is all I've seen, that alone is depressing.
I might have said too much, so recap:
Good job on the writing and you nailed what people really ought to do in the author notes. Keep up the writing, and I hope to see more soon.

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Deep. by Mystery

1 I understand how you were feeling.( Hopefully you don't have this pain in the future.)
2 Whats with the Spanish in the author notes?
3 There are several spelling mistakes.
Enjoy the times when you don't feel like (insert negative feeling here), for those times are a small piece of happiness.

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Talk to Me by Zip017

I enjoyed reading this. decent flow and little problems with reading it, couple of spelling/grammer things I noticed,
Was the way you worded line 24 going top to bottom or line 25 going bottom to top intentional? I had to reread it a few times to make sure I read it right
Also I understand what you are talking about
Great job and keep writing!

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In My Head. . . by Elrond

The farther you go with this the more I want to know. Your story is an interesting one and not something you see written out like this. However, the way this was written feels off. It might be due to how the lines broke and I'm fairly certain there is missing punctuation. It was a little hard to read.
The content was good just needed a little editing I feel.
Please keep writing!

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Is It Me or Everyone Else? by Elrond

Please do continue. Your story is an interesting one and I would like to hear more.
I'm reminded of my self in the past and now and can relate entirely to this.
Keep writing!

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