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Myrawiles is from US United States • 20 y/o • Female

Snapchat- mwiles59 Instagram- myrawiles._01

Reviews Given

Seventh Trap by Justice_Dolly

This was a very good story!

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Lockdown 1 by Justice_Dolly

This story really puts you on edge. If my friend was in the locker and the man knew about it I would have gone after my friend, if I died at least my friend wouldn't. The note at the end is very good. Keep it up!

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A Conversation With Depression by Ghost

This was a great story!

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The Girl With Depression by why_now

I have been bullied for three and a half years now and it's not fun. I have cut and cried all the time. I was always so kind and caring to others around me but then it all changed. I am rude to everyone I love and care about, I push them away and I tell them I'm fine all the time. One day my parents saw the cuts and they had beat me. Literally beat me. I am trying to change but it's really hard and I just wanted to let you know that your story really touched my heart. When people ask me how I am I always tell them I'm fine and they walk away. It hurts me to see that they can't tell that I'm in pain, and they were my best friends. I had always thought to myself how could they know whether I was fine or not, they couldn't because they can't read my inner thoughts is what I always told myself, but then I thought they don't look into my eyes to realize that I'm not fine. They don't even try to see what is happening. But thank you for this heartwarming story.

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The Fall by writetofeel

I really enjoyed this story!. I had it bookmarked a while back and just opened up my bookmarks. I am sorry I had not said anything about it before. I hope that you will write more stories!

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Book 1: Ramsey Doogetwadset by Savage3footer


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Humans Above The Bed by 🌸Fate

Great Job!

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