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monique giannoni

negatorri is from AU Australia • 14 y/o • Female

everybody's at war with different things... i'm at war with my own heart sometimes -tupac

Reviews Given

The Train That Never Stops by kamili jones

yo this is deep, but I honestly love it!!

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Sex Education by Ron Lauderbach

I'm not quite a big fan of this story in particular if you had of added more story before this and had less grammar problems in this piece of text I would've enjoyed it more.

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Saving Jenna Pt.1 by Callie_Writes

I honestly love this piece of writing there is nothing I would change about it, hope you make a part two.

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THE DEAD ARE LUCKY by Shriverg19

You could've punctuated this better and added a better back story/origin but other then that it's pretty good.

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Zombie Trials-Chapter 1 by JdanBurrill

Yo, this is so awesome!!

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Demon's Revenge by XXawesome_personXX

Yooooo this was so cool :D

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