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Sara Goertz

Sara is from CA Canada • 20 y/o • Female

I write basically anything and everything. Don't hesitate to friend or message me!

Reviews Given

Why Lies? by Clouds

its really nicely written and i feel really bad right now if its about me and even if it isn't

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16 Moons Book 1: The Forgotten Clan Chapter 2 by Clouds

thats really good its a bit like harry potter

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16 Moons Book 1: The Forgotten Clan Chapter 1 by Clouds

that was really good! keep up with the good work!

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The Cave by Clouds

this was really good, i thought you were going to finish the story that they were stuck in the cage or something

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Obstacle, Sacrifices, Love, Encouragement by J-LO

this is a really touching story and nicely told

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Harry Potter (AFTER HOGWARTS) by XxX_Ramshee_XxX

and by the way, fred is dead so he couldn't have been there when Harry proposed to ginny

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take flight (part two) by β™₯ 𝓫𝓾𝓷𝓷𝔂 β™₯

This really hooked me in, like part one! Is there gonna be a third part? Can't wait if there will be!

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(Extra)ordinary by academbrella

it's really nice!

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