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The Love We Use To Have
Story by BaBEbOO (23)
The love i use to have when i was with you.. now you barely contact me...
1 min
Words: 282
Read Time: 1 min
My Love
Story by Janu (31)
My one and only love and how i lost him.
6 mins
Words: 1229
Read Time: 6 mins
Love For Eternity
Story by BaBEbOO (23)
Love can last for eternity, if u know how to treat it and respect it....
1 min
Words: 356
Read Time: 1 min
Violet Eyes #15
Story by Bitter (24)
WOOP WOOP. #15!! Remember to send character ideas, or whether Eli should be with Clara Rose or Scarlet to: [email protected]
6 mins
Words: 1356
Read Time: 6 mins
Story by Katherine37 (21)
I loved him I really did and she just waltzed right in and took him and laughed like it was no big deal, but she was wrong she isn't me she doesn't know me and she needs to grow up;(
<1 min
Words: 159
Read Time: <1 min
Wounded part 2
Story by Katherine37 (21)
Soft as cotton candy!!
1 min
Words: 316
Read Time: 1 min
The Way I Lived
Story by novelisttobe (30)
Danielle a troubled girl running from the law down 14th street.It was 10:00 pm at the skate park, Da... (continued)
3 mins
Words: 625
Read Time: 3 mins
The Ghost of Jake
Story by 8823johnh (38)
The Ghost of Jake By J.A. Homer Tears ran down Jo's cheek as they lowered the tiny casket into... (continued)
19 mins
Words: 3855
Read Time: 19 mins
Story by Katherine37 (21)
I was trapped, wounded, beaten and abused but I knew I was safe with him I trusted him and I knew that he was going to save me. Even if it could kill us both!
2 mins
Words: 474
Read Time: 2 mins
Alive but Dead
Story by teannalovesyou (21)
This story is about a girl getting beat by her father her whole life that i wrote.
2 mins
Words: 463
Read Time: 2 mins
my life
Story by emmy (42)
me feeling like abutterly
6 mins
Words: 1355
Read Time: 6 mins
Violet Eyes #14
Story by Bitter (24)
#14!!! Sorry it's a day late.... Also, NO ONE SENT PICTURES FOR THE CHARACTER CONTEST. I'm crushed. Just kidding. I've decided that anyone can send any character suggestions any time, and I might use
9 mins
Words: 1902
Read Time: 9 mins
the confesion to the seashore
Story by 2010princeaaron (22)
With her long shinny black hair, big and round tantalizing eyes and her rose colored lips. He totall... (continued)
13 mins
Words: 2763
Read Time: 13 mins
love from one part
Story by 2468 (22)
sad love story from one part
<1 min
Words: 196
Read Time: <1 min
aking diary1
Story by foreveryours (26)
this story is about my third year in high school...(1-2)is about how i worked out our problems with our adviser...the next will be about my love story ;)
1 min
Words: 250
Read Time: 1 min
Story by DeversionOrDeath (28)
This story is about the murder of a young girl inside her own house. written in point of view of the killer and of the victim
4 mins
Words: 966
Read Time: 4 mins
a story of mine
Story by sasa_sexy (26)
this is a story about a girl who fall in love when she was 12! but wait something is going to find out!!Please read it and click stars for me to continue the next chapters
1 min
Words: 226
Read Time: 1 min
Through the Darkness
Story by blackrose1134 (36)
another poem
<1 min
Words: 104
Read Time: <1 min
the start
Story by alexander (23)
There was once a boy and he lived in a little village of Dumveal it wasent to big it had a market ,b... (continued)
1 min
Words: 201
Read Time: 1 min
Ted's Limerick
Story by blackrose1134 (36)
just one limerick, I would like to know who hate it.
<1 min
Words: 29
Read Time: <1 min
anna and her teddy bear
Story by ammobaby123 (26)
anna and her teddy bear go on an adventure outside and anna forget her teddy bear what will happen? this isnt scary or anything its a childs read (little) :)
1 min
Words: 219
Read Time: 1 min