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A franklin family story book1
Story by marinifernandez (23)
"Her Last Words" by Marini Fernandez
6 mins
Words: 1306
Read Time: 6 mins
How Nut To Drink a YooHoo
Story by DrPhilbilly (52)
Breakfast turn to a traffic violation when Dr. Philbilly goes to work.
1 min
Words: 353
Read Time: 1 min
A cold day in hill
Story by Raghda (30)
I love her
2 mins
Words: 477
Read Time: 2 mins
Let Me Cry Part 1
Story by SoundOblivion (22)
Part 1 of this story
2 mins
Words: 494
Read Time: 2 mins
Why is there a sky?
Story by amiXD (24)
Its my first time writing a story. Its probaby real bad but i still wanted to post it anyway.
1 min
Words: 258
Read Time: 1 min
Be Gone Disco Demon
Story by DrPhilbilly (52)
Dr. Philbilly is on the road when his radio is posessed by Disco music.
2 mins
Words: 428
Read Time: 2 mins
Last Wish Part 2 [ending 1]
Story by SoundOblivion (22)
The ending (:
4 mins
Words: 990
Read Time: 4 mins
The Shower
Story by DrPhilbilly (52)
Wayne Carlan aka Dr. Philbilly writes funny true short stories about life experience with southern homespun humor.
1 min
Words: 393
Read Time: 1 min
Me and Wisly
Story by Raghda (30)
me and Wisly forever togather eventhough i am now 23 and he is still 15 since7 years
1 min
Words: 394
Read Time: 1 min
He is not here any more by Raghda Badran
Story by Raghda (30)
sad love short story
8 mins
Words: 1739
Read Time: 8 mins
Kung Fu Armadillo
Story by DrPhilbilly (52)
A midnight encounter with an armadillo turns into a kung Fu battle.
1 min
Words: 343
Read Time: 1 min
Short Circuit
Story by DrPhilbilly (52)
when I was a teenager I was wrestling with my friend, and I was winning. Until his mom got involved.
1 min
Words: 336
Read Time: 1 min
A Little to Late
Story by Aaliyah12 (25)
Brooke meets her high school crush at the wrong moment in her life
5 mins
Words: 1166
Read Time: 5 mins
KABOOM!, By Dr. Philbilly
Story by DrPhilbilly (52)
Trying to earn some extra cash as a kid goes horribly wrong.
2 mins
Words: 516
Read Time: 2 mins
Halloween At WalMart
Story by DrPhilbilly (52)
Minding my own business shopping at WalMart goes horribly wrong.
1 min
Words: 355
Read Time: 1 min
Story by MarcyX (29)
Its written by an American teenaged girl who is obessed and is in a long pain.
<1 min
Words: 69
Read Time: <1 min
The Story of Oakwood Heights
Story by cmorgan823 (22)
Collin has a big secret, and as Oakwood Heights Middle School is under attack by the monster, him and his friends are the only ones to stop it.
3 mins
Words: 716
Read Time: 3 mins
Last Wish
Story by SoundOblivion (22)
This is the beginning. But the end is up as well :]
5 mins
Words: 1097
Read Time: 5 mins
for you to stay
Story by jov (24)
it was according to my own experience ..
1 min
Words: 232
Read Time: 1 min
Story by Robb (26)
Robin sat in a chair . .
12 mins
Words: 2406
Read Time: 12 mins
The Unforgiven
Story by amiee_123 (25)
Imagine standing where you know that you’re not alone. Imagine not being able to not know where it is. Imagine that it knows where you are but not where you thought you were. That’s just your ima
29 mins
Words: 5826
Read Time: 29 mins