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Trouble With Love
Story by monroserusher (30)
Kristia believe she is determined to spend her whole life alone until she meets the seriously handsome Jordan. Just when it looks like they'll be together, Jordan's ex lies to Kristia about him
25 mins
Words: 5143
Read Time: 25 mins
First Love
Story by LUNA XD (22)
I think the first love is the best. What do you think?
<1 min
Words: 62
Read Time: <1 min
Real life
Story by Dbraun (25)
Do you remember the feeling of being young and not yet knowing of the stress and heartbreak that lif... (continued)
2 mins
Words: 423
Read Time: 2 mins
What’s So Great About Scott?
Story by faulkners1999 (43)
What makes someone (or dog) great is not what they possess, but rather what they give in order to make someone else better.
4 mins
Words: 906
Read Time: 4 mins
... the dimming of the light... (part 6) 18+
Story by PeterHunter (78)
... sighting of helicopter brings hope...
3 mins
Words: 772
Read Time: 3 mins
The Jackrabbit Kids (Chapter 1)
Story by illflowjon (42)
Justin comes home from college with one last paper to write.
9 mins
Words: 1977
Read Time: 9 mins
The Importance of CPR
Story by tkeith04 (36)
This story talks about the importance of CPR and how it can save lives.
2 mins
Words: 574
Read Time: 2 mins
The End of a Hermit
Story by RonnieJ (64)
This is a cute story the whole family can enjoy. Hopefully, it will leave you with a smile!
8 mins
Words: 1633
Read Time: 8 mins
... the dimming of the light... (part 5) 18+
Story by PeterHunter (78)
... a night for thinking... not for sleeping...
2 mins
Words: 445
Read Time: 2 mins
... the dimming of the light... (part 4) 18+
Story by PeterHunter (78)
... in the dark of the night...
4 mins
Words: 830
Read Time: 4 mins
... the dimming of the light... (part 3) 18+
Story by PeterHunter (78)
... imagination escalating... or is it?
2 mins
Words: 576
Read Time: 2 mins
My real life nightmare
Story by Kayla (21)
Its a story of my most traumatic child experience. Im only 14 and i know its horrible grammar but its me in a nutshell
3 mins
Words: 754
Read Time: 3 mins
A Different Kind of Courage
Story by RonnieJ (64)
8 year old Rebecca finds there's more than one kind of courage when she has to choose between friends. Written with UK punctuation.
19 mins
Words: 3801
Read Time: 19 mins
The Drummer Boy
Story by RonnieJ (64)
This historically accurate story is based on an old English folk song and is set during the Napoleonic Wars. It is more drama than funny and is a bit sad too.
35 mins
Words: 7164
Read Time: 35 mins
... the dimming of the light... (part 2) 18+
Story by PeterHunter (78)
... the mystery thickens...
3 mins
Words: 633
Read Time: 3 mins
The Youngman
Story by LUNA XD (22)
I sat under a shadowed tree, with an open book in my lap. I looked up, and there was a youngman....
2 mins
Words: 575
Read Time: 2 mins
the girl across the road...
Story by lucylovesgloves (23)
they said it was haunted, they said she was missing, really she was always there....
10 mins
Words: 2029
Read Time: 10 mins
... the dimming of the light... 18+
Story by PeterHunter (78)
... something we cannot do wiithout...
2 mins
Words: 480
Read Time: 2 mins
... so to lunch...
Story by PeterHunter (78)
... trip to Le Touquet for lunch goes terribly wrong...
5 mins
Words: 1065
Read Time: 5 mins
Inside My Mind
Story by Bananahannah13 (20)
What I've been through personally. About depression and suicide.
5 mins
Words: 1031
Read Time: 5 mins
Mission Complete
Story by AlwaysWrite (22)
The true story of Buddy, a great dog, everyone's best friend.
5 mins
Words: 1029
Read Time: 5 mins