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Lams, Jeffmads, and Mullette: a Hamilton Fanfiction | Part I
Story by EverythingIsFine (20)
Alex and John end up in a tree and Jefferson's an asshole. The 'Fluff Break' is by my friend (cross-referencing Hamilton and DEH (It's in Part III)).
14 mins
Words: 2994
Read Time: 14 mins
Chapter 19 Jealous Husband 18+
Story by Elizabeth Lin Johnson (74)
A wife admits her infidelity which throws her husband into a jealous rage.
6 mins
Words: 1325
Read Time: 6 mins
Lams, Jeffmads, and Mullette: A Hamilton Fanfiction | Part II
Story by EverythingIsFine (20)
Part two. Pretty much the same description as before. READ PART ONE FIRST!
9 mins
Words: 1956
Read Time: 9 mins
Lams, Jeffmads, and Mullette: A Hamilton Fanfiction | Part III
Story by EverythingIsFine (20)
Same stuff as the last two parts. The 'Fluff Break' is in this part, so enjoy it! <3
7 mins
Words: 1578
Read Time: 7 mins
Now We're Together Mommy
Story by resie (33)
A mother hate for her daughter and a daughter's love for her mother. Please rate.
3 mins
Words: 757
Read Time: 3 mins
Chapter 10. Motel 6 Wedding Night 18+
Story by Elizabeth Lin Johnson (74)
10. Wedding and honeymoon of 18 year old bride
26 mins
Words: 5308
Read Time: 26 mins
Chapter 1. A Wanton Wife 18+
Story by Elizabeth Lin Johnson (74)
Married woman pulls out of her driveway pretending not to but with adultery intent.
18 mins
Words: 3687
Read Time: 18 mins
Do You Remember When We Fell in Love?
Story by SoundOblivion (27)
Looking back at your happiest moments never felt so sad.
3 mins
Words: 611
Read Time: 3 mins
What Happened to Me? (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)
Story by scorp (17)
(a side-story about Amelia Earhart, as part of the Percy Jackson universe)
9 mins
Words: 1999
Read Time: 9 mins
Chaapter 3. Growing Up Poor Girl
Story by Elizabeth Lin Johnson (74)
Mixed Asian girl grows up in Silicon Valley California before Silicon with Chinese father who doesn't provide and Filipino mother who works as hotel maid.
15 mins
Words: 3041
Read Time: 15 mins
Chapter 12. Cobra Learns to Belly Dance 18+
Story by Elizabeth Lin Johnson (74)
Young married woman learns to belly dance and becomes a flirt
9 mins
Words: 1927
Read Time: 9 mins
A Tale of Greatness
Story by nOoBiE7 (31)
Based on a game The Elder Scrolls : Skyrim.
13 mins
Words: 2779
Read Time: 13 mins
Hansel & Grettle Are the Bad Guys
Story by Durandal (20)
This is an assignment I did for school. The story we used was one where Hansel & Grettle died. We had to make an argument in either the witch is or is not innocent.
3 mins
Words: 765
Read Time: 3 mins
She Wolf Pt. 5
Story by Jozay (32)
The finale to a great mini series!
4 mins
Words: 934
Read Time: 4 mins
The Night Together
Story by Bleeding_pen_words (23)
A story about a handsome boy who fell in love with a beautiful girl. Everything was going good but a sudden incident changed everything. A sad story
4 mins
Words: 897
Read Time: 4 mins
Age 20
Story by Aoife (27)
This is the past and present of a small girl with a broken past, each story is just a fragment of her broken memory.
3 mins
Words: 748
Read Time: 3 mins
Poetic Killer
Story by Tiffany (23)
An abused girl finally snaps and kills her abuser. She leaves a poem behind. But that's not the only murder and every single one has a poem. You are the cop searching for her. Do you find her? Or die?
5 mins
Words: 1101
Read Time: 5 mins
Chapter 49, Funeral’s Resurrection of Succubus 18+
Story by Elizabeth Lin Johnson (74)
Post menopausal woman frets she is no longer desirable. Her husband's lack of interest adds to her fear. Attending a funeral makes her realize she's not immortal and needs to do things before death.
10 mins
Words: 2045
Read Time: 10 mins
The Magically Mixed Up High School Mystery Part 2
Story by Hermione Malfoy (17)
Find out what happens to Amber after she's sucked into the portal.
3 mins
Words: 762
Read Time: 3 mins
Titanfall 2: Stolen Titans Chapter 1
Story by Durandal (20)
Pilot Elton Saxe has been chosen for an important mission *This is a Titanfall 2 fanfiction, but you don't have to play the game to read this. If you haven't, some names won't make sense.*
2 mins
Words: 576
Read Time: 2 mins
Timing Is Everything
Story by Danig86 (38)
When Honey meets the man of her dreams but the timing is all wrong!
5 mins
Words: 1147
Read Time: 5 mins