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The Sphinx 18+
Story by 8823johnh (38)
A re-imagining of the Edgar Allan Poe classic
14 mins
Words: 2984
Read Time: 14 mins
Mirror, Mirror 18+
Story by 8823johnh (38)
One women's perspective of her own body.
5 mins
Words: 1092
Read Time: 5 mins
Story by Lamoreux (58)
A writer is caught (literally) in a tangled web when he sticks his nose in the business of a strange exotic woman.
13 mins
Words: 2650
Read Time: 13 mins
Your heaven trying everything to break me down
Story by Suicide-poison (26)
I just felt like writhing something after today, maybe because i know some of you may feel sometimes the way I did.
1 min
Words: 362
Read Time: 1 min
Barely Breathing
Story by Roosie131 (18)
Callie said goodbye to her mum, but she didnt hear a response. She looked around and saw her mom dea... (continued)
1 min
Words: 333
Read Time: 1 min
Free With Death At Last
Story by emoterrorist (34)
A story about an abused child needing a way to break free from the pain and suffering.
1 min
Words: 319
Read Time: 1 min
Story by sparkthedark (25)
Sitting in the middle of the row in maths, I should be the one in the middle of every conversation. But I'm not......
<1 min
Words: 187
Read Time: <1 min
Story by LittleMonster (31)
Humans feed on secrets, but are they healthy?
<1 min
Words: 186
Read Time: <1 min
Wen angels Die
Story by Suicide-poison (26)
Sometime you don't really know why some chose to die but than how can we save them
1 min
Words: 352
Read Time: 1 min
The Flavour Gray
Story by Bitter (25)
A poem about sadness after a break up. Email me: [email protected]
<1 min
Words: 132
Read Time: <1 min
In Love With A Zombie
Story by Cookies (21)
Could you still love someone if they were a zombie?
5 mins
Words: 1167
Read Time: 5 mins
What's Wrong With a Little Weed?
Story by vbnbama (44)
Ridding your life of weeds
2 mins
Words: 439
Read Time: 2 mins
A Father's Will
Story by vbnbama (44)
You don't have to see or hear to feel God.
2 mins
Words: 419
Read Time: 2 mins
Wen I Knew I died
Story by Suicide-poison (26)
I hate my life, the present and the past, because of an man, that man is my uncle who grabbed my neck wen I protected my grandmother of the drunk him
1 min
Words: 256
Read Time: 1 min
Blue sky,sunshine and depression
Story by iimochi (24)
A continue to "depression meets sunshine".
1 min
Words: 203
Read Time: 1 min
The City Of Lost Angels
Story by JordanMcSwiney (26)
A bloody tale of betrayal and corruption set during the Californian Water Wars in the 1920's. 7539 words.
38 mins
Words: 7722
Read Time: 38 mins
The Demons Whisper
Story by JuliaC (44)
Memories from the past.
6 mins
Words: 1284
Read Time: 6 mins
My Dearest Daughter, by Hannah-Marie Kerr
Story by Hannah-Marie (26)
My dearest daughter is about a mother writing a letter to her daughter and in this letter you will find out abit more about why the letter is there in the first place and what purpose it brings to the
4 mins
Words: 979
Read Time: 4 mins
My love from him. (My TRUE STORY)
Story by Alisa123 (29)
Find out why I have a boyfriend now.
1 min
Words: 217
Read Time: 1 min
Summer Fun
Story by Bitter (25)
A girl has a run in with the devil. EMAIL ME YOUR COMMENTS: [email protected]
1 min
Words: 246
Read Time: 1 min
“The True Story of the Superdome”
Story by sflagg (40)
It was the early morning of September 6, 2005, the air was hot and all 110 of us left the airport ... (continued)
3 mins
Words: 697
Read Time: 3 mins