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The Lights
Story by Sandra (20)
What we see is not always the reality.
1 min
Words: 307
Read Time: 1 min
November 21st at 6:58am
Story by 🌸Fate (24)
He opened his eyes again looking dull as ever. Time just keep repeating.
8 mins
Words: 1773
Read Time: 8 mins
The Life Of A Teen-Aged Mess #2
Story by WannabeArora (30)
(if you have not read the 1 one I suggest doing so) My life taking a turn for the better? Sure. My life is really taking a turn for WEIRDER! What am I? Who am I? More importantly where did I leave my phone!?!
9 mins
Words: 1844
Read Time: 9 mins
Now We're Together Mommy
Story by resie (30)
A mother hate for her daughter and a daughter's love for her mother. Please rate.
3 mins
Words: 757
Read Time: 3 mins
This Is What Happens When I Get Bored...
Story by Bird (23)
The title says it all. (this story makes no sense)
2 mins
Words: 451
Read Time: 2 mins
The Lady In Black
Story by Charliexcx (24)
A mysterious lady who captures the attention of a male - love story in the 1950's.
2 mins
Words: 470
Read Time: 2 mins
Beyond the Darkness
Story by RainyMelody (16)
This girl was bullied during all of her high school years. After her first taste of freedom, she can finally start a new life as an adult.
1 min
Words: 371
Read Time: 1 min
Detective Party
Story by BritneyGoldy (21)
Lets just say..Its a detective party.
1 min
Words: 208
Read Time: 1 min
One day
Story by futurerAuthor101 (21)
A delusional psycho path...who kills her sister without knowing...
2 mins
Words: 403
Read Time: 2 mins
Story by 🌸Fate (24)
I can't sleep with you around.....
7 mins
Words: 1514
Read Time: 7 mins
Not so easy...
Story by futurerAuthor101 (21)
Teenage tragedy...
1 min
Words: 327
Read Time: 1 min
The Cleansing
Story by Asoxus (25)
When society collapses, the world descends into chaos. The suits are looking for individuals and the collectors are rounding people up. The question remains - what do the messages mean?
8 mins
Words: 1728
Read Time: 8 mins
the face
Story by haleyhayseed (20)
a girl who lost her face but cant find it
4 mins
Words: 950
Read Time: 4 mins
Story by angel (23)
She has to be mine.
3 mins
Words: 689
Read Time: 3 mins
Poem by wanderlust (20)
suicide note; my final words.
<1 min
Words: 39
Read Time: <1 min
knock knock
Story by haleyhayseed (20)
What ever you do don't answer the door
1 min
Words: 316
Read Time: 1 min
A Night Alone... Finally!
Story by Life_is_Hard (18)
A short little love story about two best friends who may not know how they feel about each other.... yet!
3 mins
Words: 636
Read Time: 3 mins
My True Family
Story by ronchenella (21)
A family's great loss because of a secret they kept.
2 mins
Words: 458
Read Time: 2 mins
The prisoner
Story by Jtodx90 (30)
A man gets caught for robbery and is sentenced to 5 life sentences and by death life eternity until his debt is paid.
6 mins
Words: 1283
Read Time: 6 mins
The lonely boy
Story by bdrijo (25)
This story is all about the boy who is trying so hard for the girl
1 min
Words: 330
Read Time: 1 min
Story by Alexis Kypridemos (33)
Detectives Tuggs and Croquet use their unique approach on a corpse at a crime scene.
1 min
Words: 366
Read Time: 1 min