Latest Non-fiction

The lonely boy
This story is all about the boy who is trying so hard for the girl
bdrijo (19) 1 month ago
something different
superman21 (20) 1 month ago
The Wretchedness Inside
the greatest enemy is yourself
superman21 (20) 1 month ago
old poem i wrote
Multitmoney15 (18) 3 months ago
taking a risk for yourself
tabithacanales (15) 3 months ago
the conversation
Malik (23) 4 months ago
The Hummingbird
Poem about the hummingbird
SharonKrager (66) 5 months ago
Anorexia : In My Head
Random ass thoughts
Anonymoose (21) 5 months ago
This story is about a fourteen year old girl ,who lost her mind. And has to try to come to herself.
futurerAuthor101 (15) 5 months ago
What Drives Me
Just hating on life.
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 7 months ago
The quiet one's pt.1
be known of your surroundings
futurerAuthor101 (15) 7 months ago
"Belkin's Ville" Revenge of "Karla"
This short novel is about a young man, an his supernatural secrets
futurerAuthor101 (15) 7 months ago
The Possession Of Jimmy Quails
A true story about demonic possession. I changed the names of the people involved to protect them. But it is true!
Jtodx90 (24) 7 months ago
The Problem With Souls
(they can't be trusted...)
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 7 months ago
NIcotine Addiction
A stressful day at work
corycates (26) 8 months ago
One More
poem about the world in a sense (please leave comments for topics for more poems which I will post-thanks!)
MegPeg (15) 8 months ago
The Old Woman In The Garden
Sometimes the people whom we've hardly known leave the strongest impressions in life.
Keadie (55) 9 months ago
Survival Of The Fittest Part.1
2 People Stuck On Bermuda Island with limited resources
Leet (34) 10 months ago
My Step Daughter is a Lesbian
What do you do when you find out your child is gay?
RonnieJ (59) 1 year ago
A season draws to a close as I wait in anticipation for the next to arrive: an expressive observation
mwac (58) 1 year ago
Toxins & Pollution
What does pollution really mean? What does it really do to the world, what does it do to us? How does it effect others overall!?
AmberlyEyre (14) 1 year ago
Benefits Of The Ocean
The Ocean is probably the most beneficial thing on Earth, here's why.
AmberlyEyre (14) 1 year ago
The Graveyard
This is the "beginning" of my story, Ocean...
AmberlyEyre (14) 1 year ago
Endangered Species
The truth of the dangers of endangered species. Definition? This close to extinction. Read the truth now.
AmberlyEyre (14) 1 year ago
the number 23
theorys of the number 23
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
my hero
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
Die Tally Man
about russians in cold war
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
the fight
about george washington
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
Godless Amerika
Poem about my view on modern day America. Also my response to the Treyvon Martin Verdict.
boomman17 (20) 1 year ago
the final awnser
about kings and queens who dont care about commoners
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
Force of bulls
about Michael Jordan and of the bulls in NBA winning 6 champions
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
the sacred
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
the songs you just have to dance to
songs that you just cant resist dancing to
DEESOSWEET (14) 1 year ago
Gone to the Dogs
This is a short story about my time working at the dog track when I was fifteen
nick133 (54) 1 year ago
Butchered At The Dentist
A chapter from my autobiography about a bad day at the dentist
nick133 (54) 1 year ago
The Longest Tweet: Purple Tears (Letter #2)
Poem about some drama. If you wanna know the rest, don't hesitate to read it.
boomman17 (20) 1 year ago
Poem about my pastor. He has left the priesthood to pursue a career in education. We'll miss you Fr. Jeff.
boomman17 (20) 1 year ago
I want to sue my school
Digging up horrible memories and thinking of getting justice. Verse.
silverinkpen (49) 1 year ago
Verse: Work Shy
Work Shy Unemployed
silverinkpen (49) 1 year ago
How me happened
Amyisblue (16) 1 year ago
Two guys, two police officers, and a bum not complicated.....right?
PurpleDiggy (21) 1 year ago
But One Remains
A story/poem about someone who feels nothing.
Jums (16) 1 year ago
Family Lines
How close I came to not being
LEHughes (47) 1 year ago
Poem about two situations that really pissed me off. Everyone that smiles ain't your friend.
boomman17 (20) 1 year ago
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago