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Yamada (13) 6 days ago
Dear Readers
Thx so much for reading my stories
Meowmix3312 (28) 10 days ago
story of persistence...
djreed7100 (43) 27 days ago
How bullying is bad
Meowmix3312 (28) 29 days ago
I did not write the poem
Meowmix3312 (28) 1 month ago
Still Inside But Far From Reach
This is a stupid short story written by a stupid daughter.
Mechi (22) 1 month ago
slowing down the days to ferlect
djreed7100 (43) 2 months ago
That Night
This story is about a girl who is stuck in a place in her life, she has a wonderful boyfriend who sticks with her through everything, but she still has emotional and mental problems.
toriaxcritzer (15) 2 months ago
The game is hitting its Gamma 2.0 stage
The game is hitting its Gamma 2.0 stage
tianyu (24) 3 months ago
The Monster
Brief description. (I don't f*cking know)
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 6 months ago
Lost With No Home
A first person story about a foreign country invading america during a football game forcing the narrator toride away with strangers.
bgibbs25 (26) 6 months ago
The lonely boy
This story is all about the boy who is trying so hard for the girl
bdrijo (20) 8 months ago
something different
superman21 (20) 8 months ago
The Wretchedness Inside
the greatest enemy is yourself
superman21 (20) 8 months ago
old poem i wrote
Multitmoney15 (18) 10 months ago
taking a risk for yourself
tabithacanales (16) 11 months ago
bottom in session
Multitmoney15 (18) 11 months ago
the conversation
Malik (24) 11 months ago
The Hummingbird
Poem about the hummingbird
SharonKrager (66) 1 year ago
Anorexia : In My Head
Random ass thoughts
Anonymoose (21) 1 year ago
This story is about a fourteen year old girl ,who lost her mind. And has to try to come to herself.
futurerAuthor101 (15) 1 year ago
What Drives Me
Just hating on life.
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 1 year ago
The quiet one's pt.1
be known of your surroundings
futurerAuthor101 (15) 1 year ago
"Belkin's Ville" Revenge of "Karla"
This short novel is about a young man, an his supernatural secrets
futurerAuthor101 (15) 1 year ago
The Possession Of Jimmy Quails
A true story about demonic possession. I changed the names of the people involved to protect them. But it is true!
Jtodx90 (25) 1 year ago
The Problem With Souls
(they can't be trusted...)
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 1 year ago
NIcotine Addiction
A stressful day at work
corycates (27) 1 year ago
One More
poem about the world in a sense (please leave comments for topics for more poems which I will post-thanks!)
MegPeg (16) 1 year ago
The Old Woman In The Garden
Sometimes the people whom we've hardly known leave the strongest impressions in life.
Keadie (55) 1 year ago
Survival Of The Fittest Part.1
2 People Stuck On Bermuda Island with limited resources
Leet (35) 1 year ago
My Step Daughter is a Lesbian
What do you do when you find out your child is gay?
RonnieJ (60) 1 year ago
A season draws to a close as I wait in anticipation for the next to arrive: an expressive observation
mwac (59) 1 year ago
Toxins & Pollution
What does pollution really mean? What does it really do to the world, what does it do to us? How does it effect others overall!?
AmberlyEyre (15) 1 year ago
Benefits Of The Ocean
The Ocean is probably the most beneficial thing on Earth, here's why.
AmberlyEyre (15) 1 year ago
The Graveyard
This is the "beginning" of my story, Ocean...
AmberlyEyre (15) 1 year ago
Endangered Species
The truth of the dangers of endangered species. Definition? This close to extinction. Read the truth now.
AmberlyEyre (15) 1 year ago
the number 23
theorys of the number 23
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
my hero
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
Die Tally Man
about russians in cold war
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
the fight
about george washington
Multitmoney15 (18) 1 year ago
Godless Amerika
Poem about my view on modern day America. Also my response to the Treyvon Martin Verdict.
boomman17 (20) 2 years ago
the final awnser
about kings and queens who dont care about commoners
Multitmoney15 (18) 2 years ago
Force of bulls
about Michael Jordan and of the bulls in NBA winning 6 champions
Multitmoney15 (18) 2 years ago
the sacred
Multitmoney15 (18) 2 years ago
the songs you just have to dance to
songs that you just cant resist dancing to
DEESOSWEET (14) 2 years ago
Gone to the Dogs
This is a short story about my time working at the dog track when I was fifteen
nick133 (54) 2 years ago
Butchered At The Dentist
A chapter from my autobiography about a bad day at the dentist
nick133 (54) 2 years ago
The Longest Tweet: Purple Tears (Letter #2)
Poem about some drama. If you wanna know the rest, don't hesitate to read it.
boomman17 (20) 2 years ago
Poem about my pastor. He has left the priesthood to pursue a career in education. We'll miss you Fr. Jeff.
boomman17 (20) 2 years ago
I want to sue my school
Digging up horrible memories and thinking of getting justice. Verse.
silverinkpen (50) 2 years ago